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Dog Kennels

We have custom built individual and spacious dog kennels which are manufactured in UPVC & glass and are ventilated, spacious & bright with good natural light that are easily sanitized daily.

We provide the highest quality environment for your beloved dog.  We have dedicated and trained dog loving staff to give your dog the best of care possible. Our compassionate pet loving caregivers also live on the premises.

Our indoor boarding kennels are individually heated and ventilated so whatever the weather your pet will be comfortable and happy.  We provide spacious accommodation for all sizes and breeds of dogs.  The boarding kennels have been designed to suit every dog’s needs, from small dogs to families of large dogs.  Whatever your dog’s breed or if you have a multiple dog family we will cater for them.

Each dog will have their own kennel for the duration of their stay, our solidly built kennels reduce frustration or intimidation between our guests and helps maintain a calm atmosphere with minimal noise levels.  We have used state of the art building materials in our kennels to ensure they are easy to clean and safe for your dog, your dog will also feel safe and secure in our facilities.

For the physical and mental health of your dog we  have some group exercise areas for dogs that it is suited to.  Dogs are walked in a large enclosed grass field and have playtimes with our care staff on a person to dog basis so your pet won’t get lonely and will get lots of fresh air within safe and carefree surroundings.

Each dog gets more than enough love, care and attention. Catering to all special needs ranks high on our list of priorities, so even if your dog is a bit shy and reserved we take the time and patience to bring them out of their shell so that they may fully enjoy their stay.

  • Oil fired central heating
  • Raised draft free sleeping area with heating pad in each kennel
  • Kennels cleaned and disinfected each day
  • Private and group play areas
  • Supervised socialisation
  • Access to outdoor exercise yard
  • 5 Acre chain link enclosed exercise area


We require all dogs to be fully vaccinated, before arriving for boarding.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated, including Kennel Cough vaccination, a minimum of 14 days in advance of arriving.