Summer Reminder
Abbey Boarding Kennels and Cattery, a purpose built premium facility offering dog and cat boarding in Co. Limerick. Dogs will have access to outdoor exercise yards, private and group play areas, where they will get plenty of exercise and make new friends in a safe and fun environment. The cattery is housed in a different building separate from the dog kennels.
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Summer Reminder

Abbey Boarding Kennels - Limerick Boarding Kennels, dog boarding and catteryEnsure your pet is up to date with both booster and kennel cough vaccinations. For full immunity it should be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding with us. All vets in Limerick will be familiar with administer these regular vaccines. It is also best advised to ensure your dog is wormed and treated for fleas ticks and mites during the warm weather.

Remember to book early when the kids are off school, as the kennels are busy during those times.

Arriving in the morning is best for your dog to ensure they have the full day to settle in and get the full complement of exercise.

We at Abbey Boarding Kennels Limerick regularly post pictures of our Boarding Dogs and Cats to Instagram, so please check out our account to see pictures of your pets. If you have any special requests for pictures let us know.