Terms and Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

Socialising Pets

The pet owner acknowledges that their dog may be mixing with other dogs unless otherwise stated and that playing with other dogs can sometimes result in wounds, loss of hair, etc. Dogs may become dirty as a result of socialising.

If your pet becomes ill in our care

If your pet becomes ill or if the state of the animal’s health requires professional attention, Abbey Pet Boarding in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian, administer medicine or give other requisite attention to the animal, and the expenses thereof shall be paid by the owner.

The Pet Owner agrees to give permission to Abbey Pet Boarding to allow personal information regarding Owner and Pet to be given to or received from a duly licensed veterinarian.

Booking and Delivery of pet to Abbey Pet Boarding facilities constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions advertised. These Terms and Conditions contain the entire agreement between the parties. All terms and conditions shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, personal representatives and assignees of the Owner.

The Pet Owner shall hold harmless Abbey Pet Boarding and its staff, for any loss, damages, injuries or thefts. Abbey Pet Boarding will make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety, comfort and good health of the Owner’s animal(s).

By acknowledging they have read and understand these Terms & Conditions as part of the Booking Form and or leaving his/her pet with Abbey Pet Boarding, the Pet Owner certifies to the accuracy of all information given about said pet to Abbey Pet boarding staff and is bound by said terms and conditions.

Abbey Pet Boarding is not responsible for any loss, damage to any items brought in by Owner for their pet during its time of boarding and is not responsible for any items left behind after the pet has been collected.

The owner acknowledges that if the said pet has parasites like fleas, or requires grooming on arrival Abbey Pet Boarding will commence to rectify the issue and charges may apply.

Abbey Pet Boarding cannot be held responsible for injury, illness or sudden death arising during your pet’s time in boarding.

When boarding your dog with Abbey Boarding kennels your expressed permission has been given to allow images of your pets to be uploaded to social media web sites.

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